Les Residences / Residencies

Cette partie du wiki est en Anglais car les residences ont été réalisées à l’etranger. // All these pages are in English because all residencies were performed outside of France.

On these pages is the documentation about the residencies performed in different fablabs around the Earth. Residencies are of different amount of times (days or month).

Verona Fablab

At around 10km from Verona in Italy, at Grezzana, you’ll find in the following the documentation on all projects performed during a residency of 2 month during summer 2019. This residency happens because of the program Inn Veneto.


During Jully 2019, for a week I participated to a mini maker week in Pralnia, the makerspace at Sokolowsko in Poland. During the week, I performed a workshop on inkscape basics and started the development of a project on a connected plant Deedo. You’ll have in the following only the documentation on this project.